Since day one, superior customer service has separated 101 Auto Body from its competitors. Complete Auto Glass Repair

Were you driving behind the garbage truck when he speeded up, kicking a small stone on to your windshield? Did the small crack continue to grow and grow? Sometimes cracks and stone chips can be dangerous and can lead to worse problems. The best idea is to get them fixed right away so that they don’t grow or get worse. Most repairs take an hour or so where you can simply relax and wait. Some are even covered by your insurance depending on the size and placement to your view needed to drive safely. Don’t hesitate when it comes to your windshield.

Glass repair also means we can fix your sideview mirror that is hanging by wires, or that back window that was broken into. Window repairs are necessary to keeping you and your passengers safe! Serving the auto glass repair and replacement needs of Oakland, Richmond, Berkeley and the Bay Area.


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