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Had a little fender bender which resulted in a big ol’ volleyball sized dent in my back bumper.

From the very first moment, Justin was great to work with. Super easy going, and gave me a really fair price to fix the bumper. It took about 3 days to fix the bumper and it looks phenomenal. Just like brand new.

Great service, great work, and a great price to boot.

I get a little antsy when it comes to doing repairs on ANYTHING. I don’t like dropping off my Macbook at the Genius Bar, I hate leaving my camera behind to be serviced by Canon, and leaving my car to have work done is definitely a big deal. But Justin and his crew are so friendly and upfront that I felt 100% confident that they would do a great job. And they did!

Would definitely recommend 101 Auto Body to anyone who needs some repair work done on their car.

– Hannah S. from Emeryville, CA

Unfortunately for me… I’ve been to 101 Auto more than a couple times with major fender benders. Fortunately…Sado the Shop Manager helped me out, listened to my sob stories and fixed my cars back to their pristine state. It felt right. Hoping that I do not have anymore mishaps…but if I do I would certainly call Sado again.

– Jennifer F. from Berkeley, CA

I have to agree with the rest of the reviews here – Justin was awesome.

I drove for a couple of days with the temperature gauge in my car spiking up to the red zone – something that resulted in me freaking the hell out and driving in the slow lane at 50 mph, channeling my inner old asian lady.

Figuring that I was just out of coolant, the day before I had to help my Aunt move to Clayton, I just refilled the reservoir with coolant and thought it was good enough… however, I was really really wrong.

Driving from Fremont to Clayton (past Walnut Creek) proved to be a terrifying experience, especially since I’m ridiculously attached to my car. My temp gauge spiked to the red zone about five times, and it certainly didn’t help that Clayton is pretty much hell.

The boyfriend took my car to the only gas station/car fixer place in Clayton – a Shell station on the corner at Ygnacio Valley Road. After finding out that I had a crack in the radiator, the guy there gave me a quote of almost $600… just to replace a radiator!

I had a feeling this skeezeball was trying to capitalize on the fact that I was in a small town with an emergency and figured he could charge whatever the hell he wanted, so I just said that I’d take care of it myself.

With the help of word-of-mouth, I was able to find this place – and was told that the general cost of replacing the radiator would be around $250-300!

Justin is very honest, which is such a good breath of fresh air when it comes to this industry. He was able to get my car in at my convenience, and he was able to have it replaced quickly. He definitely put me at ease and comfortable with leaving my car there (something that I’m usually really careful and picky about) and my car is still running perfectly.

– Tiffany N. from Fremont, CA

Someone backed into my Honda Civic while it was parked on the street, leaving a yoga ball-sized dent on the driver’s side panel by the gas tank and bumper, and causing my back tire to scrape against the frame whenever I drove over a bump or turned left.

Luckily — because you can’t really dispute liability when you hit a parked, unoccupied car — insurance covered all the repairs, so I was able to choose 101 Auto Body based on quality out of 3 shops recommended by insurance. (The total cost was more than $4,600, so it definitely was not budget work.)

101 Auto Body did a really nice job fixing everything and used genuine Honda parts. They even took out a few dings on my roof while they were at it (free of charge and without me pointing them out!). It took nearly two weeks, but my car looks like it’s brand new.

If I have one complaint it would be that the bumper is not as flush with the side panels as a brand new car is, but it’s pretty hard to tell unless you’re a few inches away from it. Having gotten bumper work done at other shops, I think this is typical when you have to replace an entire panel.

– Joanna L. from Irvine, CA

Woohoo! I needed to repair some major dents in the car in order to sell my used car. The way it looks after the repairs is so amazing– looks like a brand new car!! I am tempted to keep my good-looking car (because it looks better than ever) but I am still going to sell it for a probably very high value. Thank you 101. They also accepted my $75 off coupon which I bought on Yelp Deals.

– Misun D. from Hayward, CA

These guys are the best. They did extra work on my car and didn’t charge me. Tom even went as far as to trouble shoot and fix an electrical problem I was having. They gave me a ride home, they explained all my options to me even the options that would not make any money for them. Who does that? I could go on forever but the big thing is my car looks freaking awsome.

– Jerry G. from Vallejo, CA

High quality work! 101 Auto Body did a great job on my car. They fixed my Lexus RX faster than I expected! This place is conveniently located by the highway! The shop is extremely clean. I could just sit on their cozy wonderful couch for days if I could. And Henry is a wonderful gentleman who knows what he is doing. I would highly recommend this place!!! I wouldn’t take my car to anywhere else.

– Solongo B. from Richmond, CA