“Woohoo! I needed to repair some major dents in the car in order to sell my used car. The way it looks after the repairs is so amazing– looks like a brand new car!! I am tempted to keep my good-looking car (because it looks better than ever) but I am still going to sell it for a probably very high value. Thank you 101. They also accepted my $75 off coupon which I bought on Yelp Deals.”
Misun D. from Hayward, CA
“High quality work! 101 Auto Body did a great job on my car. They fixed my Lexus RX faster than I expected! This place is conveniently located by the highway! The shop is extremely clean. I could just sit on their cozy wonderful couch for days if I could. And Henry is a wonderful gentleman who knows what he is doing. I would highly recommend this place!!! I wouldn’t take my car to anywhere else.”
Solongo B. from Richmond, CA
“These guys are the best. They did extra work on my car and didn’t charge me. Tom even went as far as to trouble shoot and fix an electrical problem I was having. They gave me a ride home, they explained all my options to me even the options that would not make any money for them. Who does that? I could go on forever but the big thing is my car looks freaking awsome.”
Jerry G. from Vallejo, CA

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